Santa's grandfather's house. A young elf comes to Mrs. Santa to get a salary. He's tired of living like a homeless man and he wants money for food and a new green suit. Mrs Santa - a young and big-chested woman looks at the elf very carefully. It turns out she has no money. A young elf wants to leave on Christmas Eve. That would be a crash. Mrs. Santa offers a compromise. She unfastens her blouse and her tastey watermelons jump out. Wow. The elf is looking at these thick cupcakes and drool is dropping. Mmmm.. The elf comes closer and starts to suck the pink nipples. And then Mrs. Santa gives a royal blowjob. She licks a fat spear up and down and swallows it. After this, the elf fucks the dame in her pink cunt. It's a lot better than a new green suit.. Find out what comes next right now.
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Dreams of Desire - Episode 1

If you like games with interesting stories, decisions that will make your walkthrough unique and awesome looking ladies made in 3D then you can start playing"Dreams of Desire" game right now! This is going to be a story about some usual guy from a smallish town. He doesn't want to go to military school and looks like fate itself has other plans for him as well. One day he finds a very old book wich opens lost and lots of opportunites for this boy. But ofcourse every good thing comes with a price. So now you will have to navigate through the world of power, lust and corruption in order to find your place in this world and some mysteries to solve. The whole course of his life is about to change and you are welcomed to play some part in it... or you can play because here you will get a lot of sexy chicks and milfs to seduce!

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Nidalee: Goddess of the Jungle

In this 3D game you will learn the story about the queen Nidalee who lives in the jungle. A team of researchers went into the jungle to find the queen. But the local fauna and flora met scientists with aggression. Almost the entire team was infected with fungal spores and bitten by mosquitoes. Then they returned to the city. Only a young botanist named Smith remained. He continues to explore the jungle. The night has come. Smith is sleeping. Nidalee emerges from the bushes. This is a beautiful and big-boobed damsel with dark skin and large watermelons. She walks over to the bore and takes off his pants. The queen wants fuckfest. She starts to suck the dude on his fat man sausage and play with balls. Then Nidalee gets on the dick and starts jumping up and down on it. Use your mouse to interact with the game. Find out what will happen next right now.

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League of Legends Hentai Video League of Legends Hentai

Lux FuckYourChamp

Tags: hentai, game, cartoon, blowjob, anal, fuck, ass, lol, legends, league, cosplay, blonde, lux, casting, league of legends
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Summoners Quest Ch.9

Eight chapters are done but the great Summoner is stil going to continue his quest because as we already know that in each new chapter he is not only meeting new hot looking chick but also having orgy with her (and how much orgy our hero can get depends on decisions that the player will make since the genre of this game is close to visual novels). So who is it we are going to meet in chapter 9? Telling you too much will mean to spoil the surprise so lets just say that you can begin this night of love with VI but with whom you are going to end it is something that you will have to figure out by yourself. Also this chapter is titled"Piltober's Finest 2" so obviously it is very recommended to play the previous chapter in order to know what is happening in this one.

Tags: big cock, fuck, time, jinx, girls, meet, collection, quest, going, Vi
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College Life Part 1

This is one of those games that will let you to live through two lifes instead of one. Meet two main characters - Pierre and Sonia. First you will play one day from Pierre's life. All of your decisions will affect on what will happen on the next day but that's not all yet. Also you will live through one day of Sonia's life and you are going to make some choices that will affect the next day as well. So pay attention if you want both of them have a great intercourse on the next day because this is the main goal of the game! Even more - there will be few intercourse scenes of the second day available to unlock but you will have to pay attention to all of your choices during the one day life of both characters! Responcible choices and sexy consequences - that's what this game is offering to the player!

Tags: sex, college, life, scenes, uniform, part, job, different, couple, sonia
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Price for Freedom: Avarice [0.7]

"Price for Freedom" is an adult adventure game which was actually inspire dby two things - web comics with the same name and old-style computer rpg like"Baldur's Gate". Which means that your adventures will be taking place through lost of texts and arts yet there will be some battles and fucky-fucky scenes as well! Events of this game take place in the same fantasy setting as the original web comics but will tell you about another group of heroes so it is recommended to play and read them both in order to get the complete experince and maximize your pleasure. While fucky-fucky scenes here are shown in CG animation format and integrated in the story as logically as only possible the combats won't have any adult materials so don't expect big tits being shown every second.

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